Senior Manager: Procurement

Listing reference: sanbs_001007
Listing status: Closed
Apply by: 29 September 2022
Position summary
Industry: Medical, Health & Social Care
Job category: Sales and Purchasing
Location: Roodepoort
Contract: Permanent
Business Unit: Constantia Kloof
Remuneration: Market related
EE position: No
The purpose of this role is to plan, execute and finalise procurement strategies for spend across the organisation (Manage tender process and contracts). This includes acquiring resources within budget and facilitating communication between the organisation and its providers.
Job description

Procurement Strategy development and objective setting through establishing, developing and managing the business plan for the Procurement department
1.1. Review and develop high-level Procurement strategy. This includes the identification of Procurement related opportunities and identifying, developing and prioritising Procurement activities.
1.2. Prioritise Procurement related strategic initiatives.
1.3. Group accountability of Procurement and supply chain across all Categories of purchased
1.4. Management of 3 segmented Portfolios of Category of procurement spend across the group.
1.5. Review long range plans and broader business requirements.
1.6. Communicate Procurement strategy to stakeholders and formulate plans to facilitate implementation of strategy.
1.7. Ensure definition of targets and monthly monitoring of actual results to enable realization of Procurement potential.

Policy and Governance development and implementation
2.1. Review and implement high-level Procurement related policies and procedures. This includes translating company-wide standards and procedures, legal, safety or other requirements.
2.2. Ensure that all governance structures both within the department and at corporate level are operational
2.3. Provide management with strategic information as it relates to Procurement practices.
2.4. Ensure that any deviations from the procurement policies and procedures are duly approved by persons with appropriate authority.
2.5. Review and implement documentation management and control processes for purchasing documents to ensure that all Purchasing decisions are well documented and safely kept.
2.6. Ensure that the process of negotiations on price, commercial terms and conditions with suppliers is standardized throughout the organization.

Organisational Performance And Compliance To Procurement And Organisation-Wide Processes
3.1. Establish Key performance indicators for Procurement.
3.2. Bear accountability for overall Procurement performance.
3.3. Ensure the functions within Procurement are accurately measured against specific performance criteria.
3.4. Analyse and strive to maintain up to date market trends, pricing, availability, and capacity, technology and supplier capability.
3.5. Review and where necessary introduce processes; methods and Purchasing IT systems / tools that will ensure a high level of quality and co-ordination of purchasing services throughout the organisation.
3.6. Ensure that the Procurement activities adhere to Quality; Safety and Compliance standards within the organisation.

People Managed To Achieve Operational Objectives
4.1. Conduct ongoing performance management on all direct reports by ensuring that all have IPA’s, & IDP’s are completed by agreed timelines.
4.2. Monitor performance on ongoing basis through coaching, reviews according to agreed timeframes and takes appropriate steps to correct problems.
4.3. Track & drive individual development plans for all staff by identifying general training and staff development needs & ensures staff attends organized training programmes.
4.4. Deal with conflict and disciplinary issues and takes appropriate corrective actions in accordance with SANBS Policy on matters related to misconduct & incapacity (performance & ill-health), with a view to improving productivity.
4.5. Build staff morale and motivate team by ensuring regular two-way communication with staff on all general staff matters such as Principles of Excellence, team building, SOP’s, policy changes, etc. through meetings with agenda & minutes.
4.6. Manage staff resourcing for provision of adequate personnel for cost-effective running of department in accordance with the SANBS Employment Equity strategy, targets and plans.
4.7. Ensure that staff of department is well-informed of decisions taken to improve business processes by holding regular meetings.
4.8. Provide strategic leadership, guidance and mentoring to direct reports.

Minimum requirements

 Degree in Supply Chain Management, Purchasing or related field.

Experience and knowledge requirements
 At least 5 years’ experience in Procurement of which at least 3 years should be at Management /Senior Management level.
 Prior experience in using SAP as an ERP system.
 3 -5years Strategic Sourcing. Contract & Tender management and supplier relations experience is required.

Other (knowledge and skills), e.g. understanding of relevant legislation; knowledge of relevant company procedures.
 Category Management and Category Management experience and overall management across group level.
 Other: Optional - Governance, King IV Legislation.

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