Learning and Development Practitioner - Technical 2

Listing reference: sanbs_002309
Listing status: Cancelled
Apply by: 15 July 2024
Position summary
Industry: Medical, Health & Social Care
Job category: Education and Training
Location: Umhlanga
Contract: Permanent
Business Unit: Mount Edgecombe
Remuneration: R 606,988.00
EE position: No
SANBS is lookings for a Learning and Development Practitioner - Technical 2 to plan for, design, develop, and implement learning and development interventions aligned to individual and business objectives and plans for the all client departments (technical or core value chain) within SANBS.
Job description

1.1 Consults with line managers to identify their learning and development needs aligned to the business plans & objectives, as well as individual development plans (IDP) in the individual performance agreements (IPA)
1.2 Performs a needs analysis through work area assessments.
1.3 Perform work area assessments as necessary.
1.4 Identify and recommend appropriate remedies to address business needs and performance challenges, including learning & development interventions to line managers to address competency gaps or learning needs in consultation with Head (Learning & Development - Technical), Learning & Development Consultant and Manager (Learning & Development - Technical).
1.5 Reviews data from various sources such on-the-job performance reports, IPA ratings, coaching sessions, induction and probationary reports, disciplinary records, proficiency test results to assess needs for training or learning & development interventions.

Designs And Develops Appropriate Training And Learning & Development Programmes
2.1 Designs and develops appropriate training, learning & development interventions that address the identified learning needs and or performance challenges.
2.2 Ensures that all learning programmes developed are aligned to relevant SAQA registered unit standards, skills programmes, and qualifications.
2.3 Liaises with the relevant education & training quality assurance bodies (ETQA), quality councils for trade & occupations (QCTO) to ensure relevance with registered programmes and qualifications.
2.4 Designs and develops relevant training material, including learner & facilitator guides, learning aids, and assessments & moderation tools.
2.5 Plans, in consultation with Heads (L&D - Technical), Managers (L&D - Technical) the implementation of the training and learning & development interventions.
2.6 Assist and provides input into the selection of accredited training providers; and assists with the coordination of the delivery of programmes or training sessions for client divisions and departments.
2.7 Annually revises and updates current training programmes and material when required.
2.8 Develops e-learning programmes that are SCORM compliant for uploading and delivery via the SANBS Learner Management System (LMS).
2.9 Updates documents and information published on the SANBS E-learning Portal.
2.10 Researches and develops activities and materials for the continued professional development (CPD) of the various professional groups in SANBS.
2.11 Designs and develops assessment guides for sourced CPD activities.

Implements Training And Learning & Development Programmes, Including Facilitation, Assessment And Evaluation
3.1. Plans the monthly, quarterly and annual training schedule in consultation with the Supervisor (Learning & Development) and Manager (Learning & Development - Technical).
3.2. Communicates the training schedules to client departments and line managers.
3.3. Facilitate training and learning & development interventions as per the training schedule.
3.4. Conducts training evaluations in accordance with the three assessment and evaluation levels and formats.
3.5. Provide formal feedback to learners on training programmes.
3.6. Analyses, evaluates and monitors the implementation of all training and learning & development interventions for the client departments.
3.7. Prepares evaluation reports for the Head (Learning & Development -Technical) and Manager (Learning & Development - Technical).
3.8. Develops and implements corrective actions following the analysis of the evaluations reports.
3.9. Provides formal feedback to clients and the Head (Learning & Development - Technical) on completed training/learning & development interventions.
3.10. Monitor the attendance and delivery of training interventions to ensure training objectives have been achieved.
3.11. Acts as coach and mentor for employees on various study programmes, including phlebotomy learners, trainee medical technicians & technologists.
3.12. Maintains professional registration through the accumulation of sufficient CPD points.
3.13. Maintains own competency records by ensuring competency records are current.
3.14. Arranges and ensures that all equipment is maintained as per quality requirements.
3.15. Action and close off audit non-conformances identified through the quality management system.
3.16. Ensures compliance with the safety, health & environment (SHE) requirements in the training laboratories.
3.17. Ensures further compliance with SANBS, SANAS, HPCSA and HWSETA accreditation requirements.

Ensures Adequate Administrative Support Of Records And Material Pre- And Post-Training Event
4.1 Ensures adequate preparation for the training event through the booking of venues, meals & refreshments, travel & accommodation arrangement, and training material and aids.
4.2 Plans for the timeous printing and distribution of training material (manuals and supporting documents) to the various locations nationally.
4.3 Ensures the availability of complete training records (attendance registers, CPD registers) where applicable.
4.4 File training Attendance Registers and forward CPD Registers to the relevant person.
4.5 Ensures that formative assessments are completed within two weeks after the training event.
4.6 Analyses assessments and provides written feedback to learners.
4.7 Compiles and learners records files.
4.8 Assists with the compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual training records for the Workplace Skills Plan & Implementation Reports (WSPIR).
4.9 Participates in various projects assigned to by the Learning & Development Manager (Technical).
4.10 Assists with compilation of project reports and presentations to the Learning & Development Manager (Technical) and other stakeholders.

Input Into Operational & Capital Expenditure (OPEX & CAPEX)
5.1. Assist with analysis of training and learning & development business needs by providing input into the development of the Learning & Development Business Plan.
5.2. Assists with the prioritisation of interventions through consultations with the client departments and line managers.
5.3. Provides input into the identify risks and risk mitigation interventions to learning & development operations.
5.4. Provide input into development of Operational and CAPEX budgets.
5.5. Provide information pertaining to planned expenditure to Head (Learning & Development) for budget management purposes.
5.6. Ensure implementation of training interventions are done in cost effective manner, by monitoring training expenditure and budgets.

Minimum requirements

  • National Diploma in Biomedical Technology or Equivalent Qualification.
  • Professional registration as a Medical Technologist (Blood Transfusion) with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Experience and knowledge requirements
  • 2 years blood transfusion experience.

Other (knowledge and skills), e.g. under-standing of relevant legislation; knowledge of relevant company procedures
  • National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education & Training Directed Practices (ODETDP) or Equivalent Qualification.
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) at Intermediate level.

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