Donor Care Officer

Listing reference: sanbs_001589
Listing status: Closed
Apply by: 29 May 2023
Position summary
Industry: Medical, Health & Social Care
Job category: Health, Fitness, Medical and Optometry
Location: Benoni
Contract: Permanent
Business Unit: Benoni Mobile 3
EE position: Yes
The position is to collect quality safe blood and blood products according to specific targets set per blood drive (fixed or mobile).
Job description

KPA 1 Financial
1.1 Manages cost per unit for both whole blood and specialised collections within agreed blood drive/donor centre target by determining, packing and loading the consumables for blood drive/donor centre as per the target.
1.2 Maintains and validates equipment to ensure that repairs are done timeously.
1.3 Reports increases / decreases in consumable usage to the Clinic Supervisor as well as discrepancies in consumable stock deliveries.

KPA 2 Customer Stakeholder
2.1 Manages stakeholder relations at the blood drive and/or donor centre.
2.2 Welcomes donors by greeting them as they enter the blood drive, assist with and/or guide them to the registration table.
2.3 Asks Donor to read pamphlets/posters before medical assessment.
2.4 Helps donors to complete donor forms and clarify any query they might have.
2.5 Addresses and/or report all complaints to the in-charge before or by the end of the shift.
2.6 Ensures that customer needs and priorities are understood at all times.
2.7 Coaches team on customer service through discussion of the root cause of complaints, compliments and queries.

KPA 3 Internal Processes
3.1 Collects whole blood and/or apheresis units to meet assigned target.
3.2 Assists team packing and off-loading the vehicle at the venue efficiently and effectively.
3.3 Assists with setting up the blood drive in time for the arrival of donors.
3.4 Completes donor documentation and assessment procedure courteously, effectively and efficiently according to relevant standard operating procedure.
3.5 Assists with identification and registration of donor according to relevant guideline, and check the donor form for completeness.
3.6 Assists with recruitment and booking of whole blood and specialised donors to ensure team meet target.
3.7 Conducts basic physical checks on donors as per the SOP, capture all relevant information and report any deviation to the person in-charge of the clinic.
3.8 Documents results of all basic physical checks on relevant record sheets/Donor Questionnaires.
3.9 Inform clinic supervisor or designated deputy of all irregularities immediately. The donor will be accepted or deferred by clinic supervisor or designated deputy in case of medical reasons.
3.10 Conducts confidential assessment (risk behaviour interview) with potential donors.
3.11 Educates donors on high-risk behaviour.
3.12 Prepares blood pack with the scale to ensure that correct volume of blood is collected
3.13 Prepares for phlebotomy section and carry out phlebotomy as per the relevant SOP including donor care and education.
3.14 Cares for donor during donation including providing refreshments and education.
3.15 Initiates treatment in emergencies (First Aid/CPR) with the help of the in-charge / SANBS Medical Lead Consultant pending arrival of emergency personnel.
3.16 Completes all documentation post-donation and any additional reports/information as required.
3.17 Provides post-donation care and advice.

KPA 4 Learning and Growth
4.1 Performs Clinic Supervisor duties, roles and responsibilities, according to that job description for that particular time or clinic as per operational requirements.
4.2 Maintains regular two-way communication by attending and participating in monthly staff meetings on matters such as strategy; values; team building; policy changes; SOPs to ensure understanding.
4.3 Assists the Clinic Supervisor in analysing training needs for the unit and manages staff competency through observation on relevant policies and procedures, including completion of relevant CPD’s and POE’s.

KPA 5 Governance
5.1 Maintains and keeps updated staff and equipment files as per relevant policies and procedures.
5.2 Oversees the application of all relevant policies and procedures in the unit as per the SHEQ and Operational policies and procedures.
5.3 Manages medical waste by ensuring that all waste generated during the blood drive are discarded as per the SOP.
5.4 Maintains a safe environment by ensuring that safety procedures are followed as per SOP.

Minimum requirements

 Diploma / Degree in General Nursing Sciences.
 Code B or EB Manual driver’s license.

Experience and knowledge requirements
 2 years Registered Professional Nursing experience.

Other (knowledge and skills), e.g. under-standing of relevant legislation; knowledge of relevant company procedures
 Relevant SANBS policies and Procedures.
 Standards of Practice for Blood transfusion in SA.

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